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#1 Off Topic Discussion » My thoughts on COD Vanguard Open Beta... » 2021-10-24 04:04:08

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My god. What a mess. If anyone played the open beta for free and hasn't preordered COD Vanguard, be glad because I'm not paying $60 for a game I know will be a literal mess at launch. (Unless if Campaign and Zombies are going to be good ofc)
I heard BF2042 is kind of a mess at the moment too, and I'm pretty behind in terms of news for that game so yeah...
I'm guessing out of those 3 FPS games, Halo Infinite is going to triumph over all of them.
But who knows.
What do you guys think?

#2 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits Rewritten | MULTIPLAYER IN 2021 | v1.2.5 » 2021-10-24 03:50:17

Rivelka wrote:

Hello, everyone! //

I am proud to announce the new project Everybody Edits! It's called Everybody Edits Rewritten! //

This project was made to restore multiplayer functions.

The game uses the Game Code from EEmulator (latest version). Currently the latest version is 225. In the future we may get more game codes for later versions, so please be patient at this moment. //

Differents from original EE

- Contest and Campaign Prizes (and also Superman Smiley) are available in the Shop

- Currently only some smileys and Admin Text are left as the Staff Exclusive such as a: Postman Smiley (and the magic system is the same as the original EE)

- Profiles don't work and act like Private Profiles

- At this moment we have no Campaigns

- You get Free Edit on any Worlds

- Admin commands display on "/help", but they don't work, if you aren't an admin (The admin is Rivelka, of course)

- You can't currently purchase gems or pay items with real money

- Home Worlds are sized 100x100 and are empty

- The registration process is completely different from this on EE, here's a video showcasing the register process:

SWF to register your account … Pb2JS430wI

SWF to play this game (1.0) (v225) Old version (10.05.2021) … WiN1EcZmfY

SWF to play this game (1.1) (v228) Old version (15.05.2021) … jqUnqFy7eU

SWF to play this game (1.2) (v228) Old version (09.10.2021) … 61N-ksYCuE

SWF to play this game (1.2.1) (v230) Latest version (09.10.2021) … RBklPf6EAI

Adobe Flash Player … _32_sa.exe

Register your Account Recommend tool - Updated 10.10.2021 …

Thanks for reading and see you in EE Rewritten! //

~ Rivelka

This looks promising! I hope to get an account for it soon if possible.

#3 Re: Game Discussion » I miss the game » 2021-10-24 03:48:25

tgmw wrote:

Hello EE users lmao, I don't know who uses this forum to this day, but I really miss the game, the old days, when I played with my friends everyday, made levels, even play bombot, somehow please bring the game back. //

so do I (seriously tho I wonder when the new EE is going to come out lol)

#5 Off Topic Discussion » Thoughts on Battlefield 2042 » 2021-06-22 19:17:52

Replies: 2

It is I, danielcool1 back in the forums (I know, it's been like months since I've last talked here lol), and apparently, Battlefield 2042 is coming around this year, and I gotta say, it looks promising.
It's kinda funny that in the COD subreddit forums, they're censoring the talk about that game which is hilariously dumb from what I've heard.
Although I unfortunately have never played Battlefield's older titles such as Battlefield 3 and 4, or even Battlefield 1, it certainly does look amazing coming from trailers, especially when it comes to me watching videos/gameplays of older Battlefield titles.
However, I have heard complaints such as no singleplayer campaign and possible skill based matchmaking, but what are your guys' thoughts? Does it look fun? Or do you think feel like the game's going to have terrible flaws judging by trailers?

#6 Worlds » [EEU] Symmetry » 2021-03-04 07:45:51

Replies: 0

This took me just 1 hour to make this, just because it's my first 50x50, more specifically, my actual first world I gave effort in EEU lol.
I pretty much tried to go for a "unique"-like style for this, in which I chose to do symmetry minis, in which made me think of making minis but reflected and stuff so yeah.
Anyways, if you guys want to give it a try, feel free to.
But beware, it's pretty difficult to beat, in which I can't really recall the difficulty since I have tested it, but I just didn't know where to place the difficulty for this.

ID: NU2jgeb3zvGK
Feel free to give any criticism/opinions about this, I'm happy to hear it.

#7 Re: Game Discussion » I didn't get to download every world I wanted. » 2020-12-31 02:09:19

Hate to break it to you, but I don't think it will be possible to get access beyond this point.

#9 Game Discussion » Goodbye Everybody Edits! » 2020-12-31 00:52:27

Replies: 2

I can go on to make a whole page essay about EE, but I'll make this short to save your guys' time.
I just want to really appreciate the fact that, wow, it was worth the 10 year entire experience, and it was amazing to meet new people, and even new friends!
I really want to thank everyone for playing the game, and everyone who chose to sacrifice their time, to play with others that desire to be played with throughout the span of 10 years, and yeah.
I hope satanya makes EEU a greater place eventually, and I seriously want to also thank EE and its community for being a major part of my childhood.
If it wasn't for EE, I wouldn't even be here, and I'm sure that goes for everyone, including friends, strangers, staff, non-forgettable people, and even just professional builders as well.
Typing everyone's name here will be too much effort, so I might as well say, thank you everyone for contributing towards my childhood, and I will do my best to never forget the moments I had in EE that is now stored very well inside my heart.
// // // // // // // //

#11 Worlds » Abandoned Facility » 2020-12-30 19:46:50

Replies: 0

The Real Final Project I developed over days. No point anymore.
There is no minimap.
It is pretty adventurous as you use your curiosity to travel what you find.
Or Download it here!
Good luck if you're gonna try this out!

Difficulty: Hard-Extreme

#12 Game Discussion » Red Ninja Sings Baka Mitai » 2020-09-03 23:18:00

Replies: 4

He's singing for two reasons:
1. Everybody Edits' shut down that's going to happen this year.
2. danielcool1 abandoned him.
Find out what he's been up to here:

1:07 for the Baka Mitai Deep Fake.

#13 Game Discussion » The Secret of the Everybody Edits Smiley? » 2020-08-20 05:54:27

Replies: 3

I wonder what the Everybody Edits Smiley hid this entire time?
Want to know what it is?
Find out what's really been hidden this entire time here:

#14 Re: Off Topic Discussion » it is krisdmmass » 2019-12-25 23:55:23

beautiful. this is real art right here boys.

#15 Re: Off Topic Discussion » A public Christmas gift for everyone here... » 2019-12-25 23:51:19

Yu wrote:

Youtube suggestion: AK-47 Comparison

Roblox AK-47 Comparison btw

TaskManager wrote:

thank danielcool do a 616 subscribers face reveal ok???

too early to reveal face?

#16 Off Topic Discussion » A public Christmas gift for everyone here... » 2019-12-25 07:20:48

Replies: 7

This was meant for subscribers of my channel but...
I decided to why not send this to everyone here too. Just in case you guys are interested.

#17 Re: Worlds » Detective Life 2 Revamped » 2019-10-27 06:42:27

NoNK wrote:

minimap disabled = i dont play it

I enabled it now. Try it if you want. The disabled minimap was supposed to make the game more sense but I'll just enable it.

2B55B5G TNG wrote:

Am I in the story

I guess not

I can add you in if you want?

#18 Worlds » Detective Life 2 Revamped » 2019-10-27 04:04:21

Replies: 3
It's finally here! The conclusion of Cool Editors crew presents:
Detective Life 2 Revamped


Description: You have finally got rid of the co-leader of one of the most hatred groups in Everybody Edits' universe! Now it's time to get rid of the leader! Will you solve the case by arresting the leader? Or end up not solving it to find out that more crimes will spread?
Find out what happens here!

Backstory: Crimes had spread in Cool Town, you were there to find out who were the culprits behind this. As you arrested people and find more areas to find more evidence, you eventually stumbled across Jorc, in which he gave you a sniper to stun the co-leader. After stunning him, you went to the airport and knew that this wasn't over yet...

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

#19 Re: Worlds » Say Goodbye » 2019-09-16 05:15:26

Great Job! Hope to see more of your future worlds in EEU!

#20 World Creation » Detective Life 2 Revamped Work in Progress » 2019-09-16 05:08:07

Replies: 0

Hello Everybody Edits Forums Community! I have (somewhat) returned. And I did learn from my past mistakes this time around.
If you guys like to see what the revamped version will look like, feel free to stop by and see.
Also, feel free to give criticism and feedback, it will definitely help me improve this version of "Detective Life 2" this time around.
Trust me, you don't want to see something like this again:
because this looks pretty ugly since I used EEditor and used around mediocre amounts of effort to none.
Pretty much there won't be EEditor to be seen around this time, and I did fix the grammar from my past mistakes.
Let me know if there's any.
Anyways, thanks for reading this post, and if you want to test out the work in progress, here's the world id:
Click to play PWOhCn4JiPcEI!
Note: This time around, depending on if you skip signs or not, it might take a shorter amount of time to complete this compared to the original Detective Life.
Also note: Everything that a real player did in detective life 1 and 2 are fictional, whether if that player is an antagonist character or protagonist.
(oh yea, spoiler alert if you haven't played detective life 1)

#21 Re: Game Discussion » EE Memes » 2019-09-05 04:20:52

Anyone remember this meme?

#22 Re: Game Discussion » many worlds got breached on your account? » 2019-08-08 01:39:36

mutantdevle wrote:

I don't know, I haven't been on EE since the breach.


Kira wrote:

all of them //


#23 Re: Game Discussion » many worlds got breached on your account? » 2019-08-05 20:17:26

Lictor666 wrote:

i just checked, lot of scat stuff

sauce ?


#24 Game Discussion » many worlds got breached on your account? » 2019-08-02 05:04:26

Replies: 16

Got 2 Worlds breached, one world cleared that is useless since EE's servers are gonna shut down anyways, and one other world that I don't use anymore. (Not showing links because of inappropriate content on those worlds)
How about you guys? Feel free to check out how many worlds got breached on your account in Kongregate EE: … body-edits

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