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#1 Re: Game Discussion » The First Everybody Edits Offline Collab [Build Phase] » 2022-03-24 15:30:42

i did my part in 281 deaths and 2250.91s (tho i did afk for like 10 minutes) so ig if you know approximately the level of skill i have youre gonna know the difficulty of it (its a bit harder than eemw imo)
i already knew how to do some parts and fluked some so yeah
edit: with blue coin

#2 Re: Game Discussion » Small and Specific Memories » 2022-03-20 17:19:08

-my first account my parents spent a lot of money on for gems (i was underage back then) got hacked by some polish person because i gave away my email and password to someone and they got angry when i cleared a world, kicked myself when the hacked me came in
-i did not know how to give edit by commands, someone tried to say how but it was like ./giveedit, (/)giveedit etc and i actually did that and kept asking if they got edit, after a while they left
-clearing and saving a world i really liked for no reason, i still wish i didn't do it because it was so nice
-i once made "art" that was basically shapes with a mineral outline and a basic block inside, once i drew one that looked like a pp (i didnt notice) and the owner informed me
-i had a friend (i think it was minecraft251) and i kept kicking anyone who didnt like the game mentioned in the username
-tried to make one of the bosses where it was just a long parkour course with brick blocks and the editors tried to test it before opening it to everyone else, people just left during that phase
-i tried to fit in a group of polish friends, they probably hated when i joined their world
-i asked the world owner of an empty ultra wide world (that was pretty popular fsr) to kick someone (i chose them because they had a short username, i didnt know you could do first letter of username then tab back then), idr if they did it tho //
-for a couple of days i acted like i loved some player, i literally hate myself for that and i think they hate me too
-inspect existed, someone trolled, accused me of trolling, midway through saying to activate inspect element i got kicked
-i joined the world of same player who accused me of trolling above, made some minis, he trolled them
-i was in a world, logged out fsr (i dont remember why), forgot the password and had to make a new account and i joined back the world saying "hi i forgot my password so i made a new account" or something it was so funny
-member of said polish friendgroup asked me to kick another member of it, i actually did that
-my dad made an account on ee and said he loves my mom, i also taught him how to play boss
-i asked my mom to play ee, all she did was troll
-faked having an ee youtube channel and recording videos, said i have like 990k videos and would publish them all once i got 1 million videos
-i alternated between having the question mark and exclamation mark like "a?" "a??" "a ?" "a ??" with a few weeks of delay
-forgot the name of the game for like 2 years
-when i played the game while i was underage someone asked me my age and i responded with it, they didnt believe me
-someone pmed me they were the same age as me (still when i was underage)
-i made a 100x100 level that only used the bottom left and top right corners of the level, they were connected by portals with both id 1 and target 1, it worked for me at first (idk thats what i remember) but then players got confused and i didnt know how to fix it
-same player that hacked me at the very top (this was before that event i think) taught me how to use portals
to sum it up: literally everyone hated me because i kept trying to look cool but i looked cringe

#3 Re: Game Discussion » The First Everybody Edits Offline Collab [Build Phase] » 2022-03-11 16:43:10

wait can i still change my submission theres a few way too hard parts

#5 Re: Game Discussion » The First Everybody Edits Offline Collab [Build Phase] » 2022-03-09 14:06:34

update on my progress btw
i've made a lot of progress like 2 days ago, i'm gonna finish it today
edit: the minis im making are pretty cool and fun but dam are they inconsistent

#6 Re: Game Discussion » The First Everybody Edits Offline Collab [Build Phase] » 2022-03-05 12:11:53

damn making my part with the medium-hard difficulty i wanted to do is so hard
with this style i can only make extreme difficulty minis which i dont want to do and i have no idea how to make easy minis with it
edit: actually nvm its going pretty easily now, my part might be pretty hard but it'll have like 10 to 15 checkpoints theyre taking up so much space lol

#7 Re: Game Discussion » What is that one level you'll never forget » 2022-02-16 20:08:44

all shop? idr what that level was named but i remember fsr speedrunning it even though it was only used to show stuff for the shop

#8 Re: Game Discussion » The First Everybody Edits Offline Collab [Build Phase] » 2022-02-16 20:04:01

it has started!
i'm gonna probably finish my entry in a few days, if you wanna know i'll be doing the usual theme i make because i cant do any other (gray basic platforming but the topmost blocks are beta basic) and difficulty is probably gonna be medium-hard, idk if i'll use any portals/switches but if i do i'll say
btw do we need to share the world in this topic or your pms
also one more question: can you make custom frames? just wanted to know if i can make a customized one that fits more with my theme
edit: wait are frames in the lobby, the levels or both

#14 Re: Game Discussion » Hints and leaks of unannounced content » 2020-07-20 11:10:46

Luridmetal35 wrote:

Collection of a bunch of things that were leaked within' this month in the discord. … MqxUPa.png

boosts look really nice //

#16 Re: Forum Games » Fake Expert 03 [7 Birds 3 Stones] - Game Thread - Fakers Win!!! » 2020-04-04 19:51:24

sorry for forgetting about this game ;-; at least it was the end soo

#19 Re: Compost Bin » 1 april » 2020-04-01 21:03:30

hoe durf je! nu zal hij het weten. je hebt ons allemaal verdoemd!!!!!

#20 Re: Compost Bin » gems » 2020-04-01 21:01:36

ok you both have gained -0 gems

#21 Re: Game Business » Welcome BuzzerBee to Staff! » 2020-04-01 15:28:15

i think that would be 2.33333... peace lynches

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