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#1 Re: Questions and Answers » Ask Me Anything 5 - Xenonetix » Yesterday 23:48:41

Pqwerty wrote:

Who is your least favorite EE player of all time?

hmm terraria-bunny-png.png

#2 Re: Questions and Answers » Ask Me Anything 5 - Xenonetix » Yesterday 04:44:33

2 to the 1 from the 1 to the 3
I’m rightly **** now show me those feet

#3 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Post a picture of your dog [contest] » 2020-05-23 06:04:11

omg cutie, but is that a spider on the wall in the background

#4 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Post a picture of your dog [contest] » 2020-05-23 05:30:25

small dog gang 😔

edit: she was saved from abusive owners

#5 Re: Game Business » John's Departure » 2020-05-16 22:58:14

Kira wrote:

Emalton isn't talented

Xeno just recruited him cauz he didn't have a choice lol

*it's just people oblivious to what's been going on the past few months, the little they know the better. kinda messed up

#6 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Bananas » 2020-05-16 01:07:53

banana are very good, but what I can't understand is people not eating part of it because it's brown. Just the banana becoming too ripe, still tastes the exact same though.

If you don't like banana it's still plenty good with other things, not recommended on it's own

#9 Off Topic Discussion » EE Minecraft Server » 2020-05-01 01:20:45

Replies: 4

Yo, were going to be hosting a minecraft server for the ee community soon now so if you'd like to join use the discord link below 🐝
The server will be hosted in the latest version

here <----

#12 Re: Game Discussion » Pass ownership to JoshuaStone » 2020-03-30 20:57:13

Apparently permanently banning users from your game just because you simply hate them, is okay by his standards? Jeez dude, I can't believe people trying to speak up are getting shunned for sharing their opinions on where this game is going, and I thought the Phinarose and Luke situation was worse enough. Managing to surpass even the worst of owner transfers and dramas..

#13 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Coronavirus Disscussion » 2020-03-13 19:34:31

Our city is practically in total lockdown mode, spreading like hot cakes because idiots are too lazy to just cover their mouths for 0.01s

#14 Re: Off Topic Discussion » [2020] E U R O V I S I O N [2020] » 2020-03-06 00:00:22

Why coronavirus gotta ruin the best time of the year //

#15 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Asking for Donations » 2020-02-20 05:12:39

This is honestly heartbreaking to hear this on such a little game, the way it describes her can only come from a good heart. Good luck in the fundraiser

#19 Re: Game Suggestions » Rare Smiley (Part) Trading in EEU » 2020-01-07 06:00:38

no because trade your rare smiley parts to your main, bam and flawed.

imagine scamming a smiley part or paypal for one lool

#23 Re: Worlds » Bug in Rubelino's "New 41 minigames" world! Unbeatable :( » 2020-01-03 22:38:08

i dont mean to be rude like at all sry but like, you cant expect to do this for every world expecting a decent solution. this world is definitely not possible by what you're showing us, but hardly anybody here is still active on Everybody Edits at all too.
dont think it's our problem if the world is bugged because we cant do anything

#24 Re: Game Discussion » which campaign worlds do you liek to speedrun » 2020-01-03 22:15:02

master1's level in high score is pretty good to speedrun

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