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#1 Re: Forum Games » name the color posted above » Yesterday 23:30:36

Finally some constructive spam I can get behind thanks to stealing collecting paint sample cards


Carrot Overdrive


#2 Re: Forum Discussion » Yeah no. » 2020-02-18 01:14:27

I always thought it was some persistant attempt at being wacky and funny, since it had this sort of feel to it that made it seem too forced to be legitimate bad English. I'll admit to finding it funny for a while but posts that seem to have effort and thought put into them are more appealing than a string of Rearrange the Letters Puzzles for Kids. Although, it's nice that peace stays chill rather than going nuclear angry man mode (as far as I know).

#3 Re: Game Discussion » The best action block? » 2020-01-29 23:43:33

For me, it's a combination of superspeed, high jump, and additional jump effect blocks, allowing me to enhance my smiley and create the ultimate lifeform with unmatched physical capabilities that make even the most sinister of hook jumps tremble in fear. Stairs to Code levels will fall to their knees, begging for mercy as the smiley glides up their triangular RGB doors and detonates them all with a swift blow to the coloured keys. All the guests will show their reverence as the Boss to Code bosses are anihilated in battle, unable to challenge peak performance. Yes, this is the pinnacle of smiley engineering, the almighty Effect Blocks.

#4 Re: Game Discussion » What are the highlights of your times playing EE? » 2020-01-07 09:23:51

Been playing since 2010, these are the ones off the top of my head.

  • Obtaining Fanboy, Beta and Big Spender, the latter two basically being a free pass to code/edit.

  • Witnessing the 1c Chat Verification Fee Crisis.

  • "Down With MrShoe" Petition Level.

  • Early EE supervillains like Supermen2, Linus21, Blacklye(s).

  • Pre-potion zombie levels.

  • Watching RPGMaster demonstrating why text is staff-only by trolling it around a level for a few seconds.

  • Hotel levels (always had a soft spot for them)

  • Floddy DigBot, especially when the snake went aggro mode.

  • Trying to bypass the screen-freezing area in that "All Blocks" level.

#5 Re: Game Discussion » EE Confessions » 2019-12-26 02:11:16

SirSoul wrote:

I was the original creator of BLACKLYE

Damnnn I still have a pic of a rogue Blacklye's damages

#6 Re: Game Suggestions » fishing » 2019-12-16 11:43:21

Nexus221 wrote:

add bASS as well

no more bass
bass is always "embodiment of disappointment" fish

#7 Re: Off Topic Discussion » soup » 2019-11-27 22:15:59

I want to try cool soup and ramen, but I've only ever really had normal stuff like chikkin soup. I like mushroomy soupy stuff with croutons in it.

#8 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Favourite ways to procrastinate? » 2019-11-19 21:43:40

I read about things that I'll probably never need to discuss, but feel cool knowing about. Anyway, I'll write the rest of this post later.

#9 Re: Game Discussion » [EE/EEU] Secret Santa 2019 » 2019-11-01 22:51:25

LukeM wrote:

even shops haven't started stocking anything christmas related here and they already do it insanely early... //

They've had Christmas stock here since the end of September //

#10 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Graphics Dump » 2019-10-17 21:38:33

peace wrote:

nice but it skind ahard to see diffrence if theyre diffren sizes if thst intended (i dont know what res means) i kidn aliek mullti colored glass blocks makes you being able to create som sort of how do you call that galss in a church?

Res is short for resolution and is basically how much detail there is in the image. 72ppi (pixels per inch) is what most digital stuff uses, while 300ppi is what they like in the print industry. It doesn't matter as much since the original images are vectors, so they can be as big or as small as you want really. When I saved them as .PNGs it let me choose different resolutions so I thought saving all three would help show that there's a vector image behind it all.

#11 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Graphics Dump » 2019-10-17 05:07:45

Vector graphic test.

Glass Blocks
That Smiley Block

#12 Re: Game Discussion » EE Confessions » 2019-10-13 01:42:13

I witnessed an exchange between "PLAYME" and Benjaminsen. Playme asked "benjaminsen why you don't read email?" and he replied with "i do not want your emails" and left. Nobody else in the level had chat.

I used to make the owners of Free Edit worlds look like they were trolling their own levels by using a freecam client.

I have ~300 files of random Everybody Edits screenshots, almost entirely focused on angry players and weird chats.

I had EE smiley OCs during my youth. In fact, I was utterly obsessed with smileys, some of my old school books are covered in EE smileys. I regret it~

I got too close to one certain user when I was younger; eventually thanks to a former friend's loose lips, we parted ways rather suddenly. A few years later, I found out they had changed their first name to my first name, and had visited my country at some point. It still haunts me to this day.

I also miss this game a lot.

#13 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Smash Bros. Ultimate » 2018-12-08 13:22:32


Real talk though, some of the spirit battles are fun, but the Legend characters' ones are painful to do. Pauline's battle has got to be the worst I've seen so far. I only managed to beat it because Peach self-destructed.


#14 Re: Game Business » Custom Key Binding! » 2018-11-22 22:29:00

Why pickpocket the tourist? // Oy vey.

#15 Re: Creative » Bruce fan art » 2018-11-19 23:46:57

You see, is just so damn attractive that even if his chad magnetism attracts other smiley girlfriends who sacrifice hair gel at their Bruce shrines every night, can't get mad because she loves him too much.
That's kinda sweet in a way.

#16 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Graphics Dump » 2018-11-17 22:58:05

Whoops I wrote them down as 26x26 but they are most certainly 24x24. Just clearing that up.

#17 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Graphics Dump » 2018-11-17 07:59:10

I tried my hand at some quick 24x24 boundary blocks as per Zoey's suggestion.
Just some vibrant cobble-like blocks. They're not bad, it was good practice though.

I'll add Hermit Crab NPC and "Void" blocks to a to-do list in the OP. And I may try making more variations of existing blocks. (Not just recolours.)
I'm juggling a lot of things so I gotta give my other projects some love, but I will return with more graphics soon.
(And thanks for the thanks! A little can go a long way! //

#18 Re: Game Discussion » Hints and leaks of future updates (Xeno pins list in EEU server) » 2018-11-17 02:03:27

Vitalijus wrote:

If it's not Cola1 then go delete everybody edits and all of the universe stuff

I've been here for like 5 days, so you'd better prepare to delete everything

#19 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Graphics Dump » 2018-11-16 04:12:21

chzandham wrote:

@Cola1 Try your luck at making a new Fanboy III Smiley. //

I honestly have no idea how we'd go about making some special third fanboy smiley so I made this half-serious half-silly thing (chart?). It seems pretty lazy, but if someone can come up with something interesting I'll give it a shot.


The ones with 'route' in the header are just dumb guesses as to how Fanboy III would look compared to the first two, if it followed a pattern.
Square glasses is too insignificant of a change in my opinion, but I left it there anyway.

Pipec wrote:

Pipecity block.
If you can't do it then you're bad. //
Deal with it.

Uh, well. There's two ways I can read this. "Pipe City" block and "Pipec-ity" block.
Now, we can have a single "Pipec-ity" block: ZoOMEEN.png
But "Pipe City" would need multiple blocks and probably be something like this:



Finally, the fixed Generic Suit blocks. When I went back and looked at the old ones, I thought "woah these actually are pretty shoddy" so I must have been really tired at the time.
Nevertheless, I gave them a new coat of paint. I'm still not completley happy with them, especially the heart, and the diamond's yellow. But they're better than the old ones.


#20 Re: Graphics Suggestions » S-D (KTG) Graphics Collection » 2018-11-14 23:50:53

Mmmm, these auras are stunningly beautiful. They're really something else.

#21 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Graphics Dump » 2018-11-14 23:47:23

mutantdevle wrote:
Anatoly wrote:

this block pack is not higher rated than my best work.

Just because your own work gets insulted all the time it doesn't mean you need to be **** to others.

I think Cola made it clear that this block pack was made in a short space of time (last night). Yet, it's still better than most of the stuff you've produced. Your 'best work' is your auras and even then they aren't as good as some of Cola's work that they themself have labelled as 'abominations' and 'atrocities'. Sure, these 4 blocks aren't as good as some of the stuff they have previously produced. But that's because Cola produces such high-quality graphics. Besides, these blocks are certainly not trash and I don't really think you're capable of recognising what a trash block looks like.

I don't usually like to make posts like this, and maybe I'm only doing so because I'm in a bad mood today, but I just found your post here to be incredibly rude. Those 4 graphics were not the main point of their post and the fact you that you felt the need to **** all over that to boost your own ill-founded ego is just one of the many examples of why people don't care when you leave. Get over yourself.

The hero we don't deserve.
Your points are right though, I made those extra generic blocks in no more than a few minutes, mostly for the sake of having on-topic elements. I tried to stick to only using the colours on the generic block's palette, and yeah, the silly stuff takes longer. Suit generic blocks was just a passing thought I had earlier that made me think 'neat'.
I'll probably redo them sooner or later and try add some pizazz, maybe give them different colours and add a teensy bit of anti-aliasing.

As for Anatoly, I'll be brutally honest, stop seething. You don't improve by farming internet attention points. The way you act around here gives me the idea that you're not actually passionate about graphics, you just want to be praised and be treated as 'da best gwafix artist evar' like some presitigous, egoistical idol. I pray you grow out of this, but that's more than likely wishful thinking. I didn't git gud by going "boo hoo I quit" every time daddy criticism showed up. I do this because I love doing it, it's fun, I enjoy putting life into my ideas. But you just give off a "nnnngh I'm a thirsty little flower, you have to water me you have to use your woots" attitude. I used to support you and encouraged you to keep on practicing, but what's the point if you're just in it for the attention?

#22 Creative » Bruce fan art » 2018-11-14 09:10:25

Replies: 11

Bruce fanart

#23 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Graphics Dump » 2018-11-13 23:58:00

Alroight, I guess it's time to explain that whole drama to all you sweetcheeks. And let it be a lesson of sorts I guess.

Detailed Story

That's a load off my shoulders. I found that despite everything, I just couldn't stay away from Everybody Edits. BUT HEY everything's cool now (be optimistic!), college is over, I'm working on getting over my anxiety, and I've spent a majority of the year honing my graphic/art skills.
Phew, I'm just glad I can get back to what I love doing, BLOK, and SMIL.
Uh, well, I don't actually have anything exciting to share because I was busy with birthday stuff. But I did do these simple, ordinary generic blocks last night, so, consolation prize?
Stay cool like the sunglasses smiley, make sure you look after yourselves, keep the Sun in mind, and feel free to stir up some suggestions //

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