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#1 Game Business » Everybody Edits! Interview with PR Guys ☆ » 2021-07-21 14:51:55

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Heya fantabulous peeps, Satanya, your favourite demonic overlord, checking in!!

It's been a while, but here I am back with another interview in my journey to become a realfake journalist!! This time, I've stolen the PR team away from their job and forced them asked them to chat with me! Here it is, the interview in full!

The Full Interview with Vice-T and mutantdevle!

This interview should give you more insight as to what feedback we look for and how we separate the useful stuff from useless stuff!

tl;dr cool interview with two cool peeps, next up's the musicians!!!!!!!!


#2 Re: Game Discussion » Hints and leaks of future updates (gravity graphics grabbed!) » 2021-06-18 21:37:13

N1KF wrote:

Joke's on you, I don't check the EE! server that often and you just made it easier for me

Either way, that motivated me to catch up with Satanya's messages. (Other users' messages are in italics, for context.)

Dang, I should leak more stuff and post them here first... Extra points if you embed the emotes I used as images //

#3 Re: Game Discussion » Hints and leaks of future updates (gravity graphics grabbed!) » 2021-06-18 17:54:56

Some extra smileys leaked (by moi) in the EE! discord which you should totally join and/or keep up with!!!


Since Halloween's like four months away it means it's a perfect time to leak these halloween smileys, right?! For those of you discord users, you'll know I recycled this joke, don't judge me!!!

P.S. Sorry N1KF, I beat you to it!

#4 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits! Interview with Lead Dev ☆ » 2021-06-15 14:44:32

Awesome Algoodo wrote:

Hi, Lunarys.

When will EE! come out?
* Will it come out this month?
* Will it come out at the end of 2021?
* Will it come out of 2022?

When it's ready!!!

It's the answer I always give when asked that question! I don't want to rush development just to meet some sort of arbitrary release date. To get a realistic date, I'd need the team to help me determine with our schedules, deadlines, and such. I would rather not rush the team and have them work at the pace we already have for the last three or four months!

Everything is coming along quite well, I'd say, especially for the scale we're going for, but it will take a bit of time! Stay patient, folks! <3 I believe in you!

#5 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits! Interview with Lead Dev ☆ » 2021-06-06 03:00:07

NorwegianboyEE wrote:

I gotta say, it’s amazing that this game is still being worked on. I honestly expected EE to just shut down and die forever when flash died. But it’s still going, and that’s pretty cool.
Wish you all luck.

Thank you!!!! We're not giving up on this game. I know it feels like it's taking a little while, but we want to make sure it'll be the best it can be when it's done!!

#6 Game Business » Everybody Edits! Interview with Lead Dev ☆ » 2021-06-05 20:14:05

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Heya fantabulous peeps, Satanya, your favourite demonic overlord, checking in!!

It's finally time for my debut as a fake reporter by presenting to you all the first ever interview in this interview series!!!

The Full Interview with Fixel!

This interview is mostly for those technical people among you!! As for the rest, like me, here's a little outline of future plans:

-> Replace the website with one that has a presentable and friendly design in the near future, which will include more information
-> Produce a few more interviews between the graphics artists, musicians, and PR team!
-> Some surprises...

tl;dr interesting interview, redesigned website in the near future, look forward to more news


#7 Game Business » Everybody Edits! New Artstyle | Progress Report (May 28th, 2021) ☆ » 2021-05-28 17:00:16

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Heya fantabulous peeps, Satanya, your favourite demonic overlord, checking in!!

Another month of development has gone by, and this one brought with it a plethora of changes, updates, developments, and the like! So, let me catch you up with what's happened thus far in this month's Progress Report and my debut as a faux reporter!

So, let's get this underway!

When we said we're going with vector art, what we actually meant was that we're going with pixel art. That's right, those very few leaks we showed off? All fake. How does it feel, getting deceived? Mwuahaha!

In all seriousness, we were initially going to go with a vector artstyle. We wanted to continue off of what Everybody Edits Universe had, so we experimented with vectors throughout January, until we settled on a style we enjoyed-- a rather simplified, cartoony one, with flat shading and colours. I actually was aiming to experiment with both pixel art and vector art, but I realised we never actually did the former.

So, around March, we started experimenting with pixel art and quite liked where we ended up!! And since then, we've been developing assets in pixel art. In all, with vector art, I believe we had some block packs done, and around 90 smileys done. I may or may not leak them, but most are sort of the basis of what the pixel art iterations will look like. The pixel art size we're going with will be the same as it was in classic Everybody Edits -- 16x16.

Now, you might be wondering, "well, how is it going to look any different from Everybody Edits?" The answer is both simple and not simple.

One of the main things we are focusing on is limiting the amount of colours each block and smiley can have. I believe the current upper limit is eighteen colours per graphic. Everybody Edits Flash had no such limit, so a lot of assets could have upwards of thirty, fifty, or eighty colours! As an example, the bunny smiley in Everybody Edits Flash has around 60 different colours. Everybody Edits!'s bunny has 11 colours. It may seem like a minute change, but it actually allows us to define a set artstyle even if we have thousands of different blocks. By setting rules in place for how each graphic is drawn and the sorts of colours it can use and how many, we can easily maintain consistency throughout the years as we update. That is something I personally believe Everybody Edits Flash faltered in-- the graphics style there, to me, is like rings on a tree. You can sort of see the age of that game with every differnet block pack.

New Artstyle Demonstration

Here is a very simple example with two of EE blocks, old and new:


Again, these changes may seem quite minute, but they really do go a long way. You might also notice some hue shifting, another stylistic choice we made.

Here is a little scene with several assets. Even with so many different blocks, the amount of colours is finite.


Even with the change in artstyle, progress is still going well. Here is a slightly larger example, using a tilesheet:


As you can notice, it allows for autotiling. There are some overlay stickers that allow us to create inner corners, so middle blocks blend in more smoothly. In general, there's a ton of intricacies that go into this system. You may also notice the sand block I used in a previous example is isolated here-- that's something our artist thought of. She wanted a variant of those blocks that don't autotile for classic EE players to enjoy, as well as for creative uses when building worlds. Every sort of autotile sheet needs to follow the same exact format:


I hope you will enjoy this change. I look forward to sharing more with you in the future!

There will be another post in a week or so from now, with an interview with our lead dev, Fixel! Look forward to it.

And for those of you artistic talented individuals, feel free to shoot us your pixel art portfolio at [email protected] ! Who knows, we might be interested...

tl;dr new artstyle, interview with lead dev next week


#8 Re: Game Discussion » Hints and leaks of future updates (gravity graphics grabbed!) » 2021-05-26 07:28:52

N1KF wrote:

I finally listened to the music and wow, I really like scarletskies. The track is around 100 BPM, and I think it's in F Minor. The main chord progression seems to go F minor, B♭ minor, C minor, then E♭ minor(?) which suddenly borrows from a Phrygian or Locrian scale if I'm right about this. The idea.mp3 version's intro is about 16 seconds before it syncs up with the preview version. The preview.mp3 version also goes on a further 17 seconds, so we have around 56 seconds of total of the track so far.

I might upload the full thing some day. Glad you like it though!

It is 100bpm, but it's actually in A# minor! //

#9 Game Business » Everybody Edits: Logo Contest ~ The RESULTS!!! ☆ » 2021-04-15 16:33:33

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Heya fantabulous peeps, Satanya, your favourite demon overlord, checking in!

A little over a month ago, we hosted a contest a logo contest, where we wanted you to come up with our next logo, wordmark, icon, or whatever else you felt like!! A lot of you have submitted wonderful logos and ideas! It was extremely hard to decide on the top three, but after much thinking, we have finally managed! Here are the results:

The winner is.......




And the tiny versions...


This submission doesn't include a wordmark, but it is nonetheless a very very very solid idea! It met all our criteria.

This logo is quite creative and explains what you need to know about EE at a glance. Although it's not a wordmark, we won't use it like one, but rather as an icon.
The exclamation mark shaped like a hammer is a really cool touch, as is using the Ninja smiley to conceal the smiley (at least for the submission), given that the smiley's look is, as of yet, unknown to the community!

This logo can be used in many things aside from just an executable icon. We can use it as a Discord icon or a favicon!

This submission caught our attention the second we saw it. It's a very, very solid concept.

It definitely seems to look unique.

815470304901201920.png?v=1The runner up is...





This submission is quite playful and very uplifting! It gives a positive sense and can easily be adapted and changed through the years to fit with new themes, and events!!! This logo can also pair perfectly with the first place submission, where the first place icon represents a smiley placing a single block and this submission representing the finished product.
In this logo, the swoosh creating an exclamation mark was a really nice and subtle touch! Subtle enough that some on our team didn't even notice it. Well done, Jinja!!

815470304901201920.png?v=1And lastly...





An overall neat idea and concept, a logo made entirely from in-game assets! This submission actually gave us an idea for a block or two we could include in-game, too, so there's that bonus!! It could easily work well as a splash screen.

Thank you to everyone that submitted logos!! There were many great submissions, but we couldn't pick them all!!

We will start working on the new logo and designing it, so look forward to that soon!!

tl;dr winners announced above, new logo sometime soon, tyty to everyone that submitted


#10 Re: Game Business » (April Fools) Everybody Edits: The Curse Caught Up With Us... ☆ » 2021-04-01 14:36:42

actuawwy we just scwapped evewybody edits mwuwuwtivewse!!!!!!!!!! owo
so hewe's ouw supew new titwe okay hewe it is mwy beautifuw fwiends uwu

evewybody edits stwing theowy
coming eawwy 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! owo

chu don't wanna mwiss it, chu don't wanna skip it, c̴hu̴ ̴go̶t̴t̴a p̵w̵ay ̴i̶t̶,̴ ̵c̴h̵u̴ awways̴ ̶g̴o̵tta̶ ̶pw̵a̴y̶ i̴t̶, c̵͈̾͠h̩̙͛́̇ú̫̑̕'̵̗̌̈́ŵ͍̠̟w̜͆̇͗ ̵̃̂̊͜ͅh̶͓̔̔à̶̟̊͘v̴͍͊e̘͂͗͗ ̛̯͊̆t̵͓̲̪̓o̴̳̻̲͂͊̌ ̴̫͑̈́̏ͅe̺͔͐ḍ̴̇͋̎į̩̇͝ṫ̵̟̹̲ ̴̤̖̾a̛͈ͅn̺̅̑d̘̎̕̚ ̼̖̂̓̾p̵̖͆̒͜ă̴͈̞̒ỳ̵̢͖̔ͅ ̝̹́f̶̗͆ơ̙w͉̟̎̆ ̴̥̟̽̾p̖̈w̶̬̹͐̈́͂ẻ̵̎͜m̴̤̅́̀i̵̮̎̐̔u̶̫̰̔ṁ̴̬̲͝ ̶͖͈̈́c̴͖̞͝ù̴̡̧ẘ̵͚̫ẅ͖́̐ë̮́͊̄͜ņ̶͈̭̇c̼̦̊͘y͇̎̇͑ à̡̢̨̲͉̖̘̒͝n̶͈̹͈̾͒̽͛̾ͅd̶̳̜͉̈́̍ͅ ̪̟̱͋̃a̵͉̪͖̬͕̾̊̀̈̏͜͜͠͝ẃ̦̪̥̭͇̮̹̒ẅ̴̢̞͚̥̳́̍̊̇͋͜a̴͉̩̜͎̍̅̾͋y̵̻͈͇̫̒ͅs̵̞̯͈̜̐̎̈́̑̊̕͠ ̶̨̥͕̀̍̓̇̚p̬̹̳̩͔̳̝̼͑̃̊̉̇̕w̯̺̣̟̬̜͑́̃͜a̴̢̖̖̪̤̤͈̓͊̈̎̓͑͊y̶̱̥̆̎̋͐̆̐͂͝ ̴͓̓̎̄̈́͜͝i̡̦̲̩̊̊̓̃̿̕͜͠t̴̯͒̿͆ a̙̗̩̼̗̐̄̀̒̒̇͊̕̕w̴̧̞̺̺̣͉͑̽̑̀̈ẃ̵̤̰̏̕͠ą̵̲̤̪͓͈͉̀̽́̈́͒́̌͑͆͛͂̾̏̿̚ÿ̼͇̼̞͍͎̰̪̞̟͎͍̼͌̆͠s̨̢̧̮͇̫͎͖͇͎͙̙̹̫͇̿̈́̓̇̑͑͐̊̃̍̎͊̃̽͒ ̵̡̡̫̲̜͎̝̻͇͑ͅp̴̛̗̠̪̣̤̙̘͔̬̏͛̈́w̵̡̢͚̗̤̲̟̫͔̦̣̼͖̱̔̃̆a̴̡̧̨͚͓̤̞̙͔̼̽̉͋̀̅̌̄͗̍̈́͋̕̚y̮̟͕͇̫͚͊̔͘̚ͅ ̬̥̱̲͔̦̣̮̳͙̜̩̎̅̕ͅį̵̡̨̦̭̻̠̰̮̲̻͕̈́̄͒̀̒̍͊̔͊̉́̍̌̚͠t͖̦̼̳̿͌̐ ̶̨͉͈̙͙̻̮̥̬̥͂̂́̀a̢̟̯̠̜͛̉̈͂͐̈́̀̽͘͘͜͝ẅ̠̖̺̗̭͈̥́͊ͅw̵̪̟̎̇̔́̈͆̾̏̕a̝̣̣͇̤͉̜̦͖̘͗͑̈́͂̽͑̾̈́̂͝͠ÿ̵̢̡̛̙̩̹̣̯̥͉̮̠́͋́͛̎͆̒̀̆͐̊̚͘͝ŝ̵̜͉̳͙̹͐͑̋̑̈́̅̀̈́̊̋͠ ̨̦͕̩͓̭̤̤̟̙̞̭̇͆̓̓͆̃͒̍̊͂̄̌̊͘͝ṕ̶̨͇̙̣̼̤͓͙̲̙̰̿̐͂͌̂̃̌͒́̓̀w̩͉̲̳͚͇͉̖̬̫̹̘̥̺͔͐͐̓̐͑̇̽̕ą̧̛̦̻̭̝̮̪͉̜͓͔̘̝̮̿̎̆̓̈́́͑̾̆͗̐͝y̴̧̛̪̞̼͖͔͓̩̻̻͕͓̞͇̔̓̀̏͊̂̀̈́̒̕ ̶͎̺͔̗͎͓̩̤̳̬̞̉̌̎ì̴̱͇̪͚̖̟͙͓̣͈͐̓͑̔͆̇͋̃͛̌̚̕͝ţ̶̢̦͚̞̻̜̀̿̆!̝̟̥͉̰͈͍̭̙͇̟̜̘̇̐̿!̛͕̺̥̱̥͛̀̌̈́̓͒̆̃̚!̵̭͓̝̠̼͇̩̾̓̃̏́̾ ̧̩̣͇̘̯̤͕͓̿̀̓̉̉̒͋̀́ͅǪ̴͍̯̖͖̥̭͓̫̖̹̀̇̇́̀͊͂̎̏̆̓̀͛ͅw̵̧͇̣̯̪̺͆Ò̵͈̱͊̅́̕͜

wove chu aww~


#11 Game Business » (April Fools) Everybody Edits: The Curse Caught Up With Us... ☆ » 2021-04-01 08:48:50

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Heya fantabulous peeps, Satanya, your favourite demonic overlord, checking in!

It is with a heavy heart that I must regrettably announce that Everybody Edits!... has been cancelled. I know, it's a huge shame. We had such wonderful plans for it. We wewe even cwose to getting it to clwosed testing! We had so mwany pwans for things like editing, game mwodes, anw aww that stuff!!

But, unfortunatewy, it never came to pass. As surewy as the sun sets, the Everybody Edits curse stwikes evewy new owner dat announces a reboot.

So what happens now??? good qwestion! i'm pwoud to announce the next weboot, the one dat chu've aww been waiting fow:



What can chu expect in dis game?? good qwestion!!! we've been thowoughwy paying attention to community input, and we've taken it into account.

Dis game wiww offew the same exact expewience chu got out of evewybody edits fwash, just diffewent!! chu can expect the same exact awtstywe, the same exact physics, same exact 1x1 hooks and mwinigames, same exact evewything!! but diffewent and new. But stiww the same!! just diffewent and new. And we don't dawe change a thing about it!! how is dat gonna wowk?? weww, ouw mwawketing team had a genius idea!! we'ww put featuwes thwough powws. In fact, hewe's a poww wight now, whewe chu aww can pick the exact diwection evewybody edits mwuwuwtivewse wiww take! OwO

tw;dw ee!! ded, evewybody edits mwuwuwtivewse stawted devewopment uwuwuwuwuwuwu
Anna nya~ uwu

#12 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits: Design for the Devil ☆ » 2021-04-01 05:00:30

Submissions are now closed!!! Thank you everyone that participated!

We'll now begin our rituals to determine the winning submissions! Check back here on April 15th by 23:59 EST!!!

#13 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits: Design for the Devil ☆ » 2021-03-03 03:18:16

I stole this leak from the Discord server so those that aren't a part of it can see it, too!


#14 Game Business » Everybody Edits: Design for the Devil ☆ » 2021-03-02 20:40:31

Replies: 15

Heya fantabulous peeps, Satanya, your favourite demonic overlord, checking in! //

It's been a little under a month since I've last written, and there's been some lack of activity in the community! Which is quite understandable -- we are still hard at work developing Everybody Edits!!!

So, while my demonic minions are busy trying to draft up a schedule and doing their meetings, I think it may be prudent to involve all of you in a fun little contest while we await more news! A contest that, I feel, has been needed for a loooong time. I mean, of course, the...



Everybody Edits! needs a new logo. One that can go with its new identity! Something nice, modern, cool, fun! So, fire up your art programs, artists, and do your best to blow us all away!


815470304901201920.png?v=1 Keep it simple and fun! The logo should just be about Everybody Edits!! Nothing else!
815470304901201920.png?v=1 Preferably, your submissions should be in svg format! However, we will also accept .png!
815470304901201920.png?v=1 If your submission is in PNG, please ensure it is at least 400x400. Any smaller than that would be difficult to work with!
815470304901201920.png?v=1 No more than THREE submissions are allowed per person!

What You'll Be Judged On!!

815470304901201920.png?v=1 Creativity!
How nice does your logo look? Does it explain to us what Everybody Edits! is at a glance?
815470304901201920.png?v=1 Versatility!
Can we use your logo as an icon, too?
815470304901201920.png?v=1 Flair!
Does your logo just grab our attention?
815470304901201920.png?v=1 Uniqueness!
Have we seen something like it before? Is it just a different logo with a new name?

What We Won't Accept!!

815470304901201920.png?v=1 Copyrighted Material!
815470304901201920.png?v=1 In-game Screenshots!
815470304901201920.png?v=1 Sprites!

The Spoils of War!! (AKA Contest Rewards!)

815470304901201920.png?v=1 $300
815470304901201920.png?v=1 Beta Access to Everybody Edits!*

815470304901201920.png?v=1 $100

* Must be able to sign an NDA.

Some boring legalities and terms!

815470304901201920.png?v=1 You must be 18 years or older! Participants under 18 years old must obtain parental permission!
WHY? So that we can pay you or your parents if you win this contest.

815470304901201920.png?v=1 We will hold the copyright of all submitted logos!
WHY? This is so that we can use your logo if you win. And to ensure that us using an element of another submission isn't grounds of copyright infringement!

815470304901201920.png?v=1 You acknowledge that your logo, if winning, will be the basis for the official logo rather than being the final version!
WHY? If the submission is in PNG format we will need to convert it to SVG! Also, we may make some changes so that your logo better fits the aesthetic of the game and can be scaled down properly.

815470304901201920.png?v=1 Preferably, you should have a PayPal account!
WHY? This just makes it a lot easier for both of us!

815470304901201920.png?v=1 All contest winners are responsible for paying tax on cash winnings if the tax laws in their jurisdiction requires it!
This basically just means that we won't pay your taxes for you, if your local laws require taxes on prize winnings!


Please email all submissions to [email protected] and be sure to include Everybody Edits! Logo Contest Entry in the subject!

In addition to files, you might want to include:

  • Your in-game username! (Played EE before? Great! Let us know who we're talking to!)

  • Discord tag! (If you have one!)

  • Portfolio! (Even if you don't win the contest, you never know! We might like to hire you for other projects.)

Additionally, you MUST include your full name! (So we know who to credit in-game!)

tldr; Make an epic logo and we'll use it as a basis for the new logo!

815470304901201920.png?v=1 The deadline for all submissions is 31st March, 2021, at 23:59 EST! 815470304901201920.png?v=1

And lastly, here is the new Woot .ai file and .svg file, if you want to incorporate the shape in the logo!


#15 Re: Game Discussion » Discussion - Is the new owner trolling us? » 2021-02-17 03:16:50

Ondrashek06 wrote:

EE! will be released in "early 2022", we all know how it was with "early 2019".

Smh, why does the dev team tell a random community member the release date and not me instead, the project owner? //

#16 Game Business » Everybody Edits: Satanya's Next Sacrifice ☆ » 2021-02-03 20:59:16

Replies: 73

Heya fantabulous peeps, Satanya checking in! (Or whatever the phrase is!!!)

It's been a little over a month since we acquired Everybody Edits, and, naturally, there are questions, things to announce, so on so on so on!!!! So, let's begin with the most important part! Actually, there are like a bunch, so let's start in some sort of order!

Online wheel picker thing said to go with staff team. SO! Staff team. Since I've announced the new staff team, understandably many people were concerned about a lot of things-- namely, "why is there one developer? Why are there no graphics artists?" The answer is simple-- we first needed to see what we're dealing with and the scope of the project. With new art style changes and the like (FORESHADOWING), we needed to look through different artists and see which ones were staying and which ones are not up to our standards. And as of now, with the design doc's completion a few weeks ago, we know just what the scope of the project is and how many devs we need. So, there are four other people we've hired fulltime for programming. Per their request, I will not name them. Not everyone wants to be involved with the community, after all! There are, also, four graphics artists, myself included!

Okay, Everybody Edits Universe-- what's up with that? Why's there no updates? EEU update when?!
Short answer: we're scrapping Everybody Edits Universe.
Long answer: Everybody Edits Universe has, kindly put, seen many hands, many programmers. There is no documentation, and, according to the devs, quite inconsistently written and coded-- an understandable consequence when you have a revolving door of staff. This makes the code something different than spaghetti code to deal with. More like... trying to untangle earbuds and wires!

Everybody Edits Universe uses a bit of legacy code (Everybody Edits Flash) and builds and expands upon it. The game, from the design docs I've been shown and the assets I scrolled through, seems to have been planned to just be a port of Everybody Edits into HTML5. The artstyle was made to emulate it a bit, and plans ranged from questionable (4+ currency types) to fairly clever and useful ideas (zones.)

The easiest and most time efficient solution is to scrap Everybody Edits Universe and create a new game altogether that serves not as a port to Everybody Edits, but rather a spiritual successor. A game that borrows many of the main elements and the lifeblood of Everybody Edits and expands and evolves them. Modernization. (And less than four currency types.)

This new project is called Everybody Edits! (exclamation mark included.)

This new game has its own unique artstyle, new soundtrack, style, ideas, plans... We will be sharing our ideas in the coming weeks and months, and showing you progress where we can!!

Oh also expect a contest that's a bit unrelated to EEU soon.

tldr; Everybody Edits Universe gonna get replaced, new game is called Everybody Edits!, progress check in sometime later.

Some questions and answers:

Will there be compensation?
What will happen to my worlds?
Is EEU going to stay up?
Why can't you keep EEU up forever?
Is it going to get any more attention while we're waiting for Everybody Edits!?
Can I still opt in to Everybody Edits Universe? Will I need to opt in to the new Everybody Edits!?


#17 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits: New Decade, New Era, New Changes » 2021-01-04 05:20:48

Nikodemzak wrote:

I have one question, what's happening with the Graphics Team? Is it completely gone or is there still someone/a group of designers?

We still have a dedicated design team that are already working on graphics; however, as I've addressed in the Discord at one point, not everyone wanted to be announced or publicised. Plenty of the new people want to work quietly with minimal community interaction!!

#18 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits: New Decade, New Era, New Changes » 2020-12-30 01:32:58

Cola1 wrote:
Satanya wrote:

ooga booga

I will now trust your capabilities. //

Heheh, I'm very glad //

#19 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits: New Decade, New Era, New Changes » 2020-12-29 17:47:14

John wrote:

you sure love being extremely verbose

Shush, you //

#20 Game Business » Everybody Edits: New Decade, New Era, New Changes » 2020-12-29 17:42:21

Replies: 78

Heya, everyone!!! It is I, Satanya, Lunarys, Musearys, whatever other names you know me by!!!, the new owner of Everybody Edits!!!

I have personally been playing this game since June or May of 2010, back when it was on Nonoba. I remember the days when every world was open and there was no god mode, and back when stair levels were super super popular! I remember being sooo excited for the account system and losing it when I saw Cyclone and Benjaminsen use their moderator mode. It was super exciting!!! Ohhh, and who can forget that awesome Christmas update when the shop was added?!
Short of it is, I've been around! Plenty and plenty. I've seen some of the absolute best of this community, and some of the worst. And the best parts of it is what I want to focus on, moving forward!

You have all given me plenty of positive memories of the game, and awesome experiences. I would like to give back to you all for that, and make a game that can, hopefully, mean a lot to everyone, and bring in players new and old alike!! A game we can all be proud of as a community.

Going forward, Everybody Edits will see many, many changes. From the minute, to the substantial. Let's begin with one such change: the staff team.

I have worked hard to handpick and vet every single staff member, old and new, to assemble a brand new superstar team!!! Without further ado, here are the changes to the staff team.



My predecessor; the previous owner of Everybody Edits! He has done plenty in the game and has seen to making sure it stays alive, even past Flash's own lifespan. We have had extensive talks these past few weeks about transferring ownership to myself and my new team, which indeed came to fruition.
I hope we can all give him a warm goodbye!!! My experience in the old staff team with him was nothing short of positive.
Xenonetix's own predecessor, Priddle! Priddle has done a lot of work on EEU and has tried to bring it up to date with all planned features. From our conversations, he is an extremely positive and fun person to chat with, and I'm thankful for having been his colleague!
An awesome dev that has been with Everybody Edits for a long, long time! He was one of the first Guardians, when that was a thing.
Another ultra amazing dev that I've had a blast to work with!! He will be staying on our team in an unofficial capacity to monitor progress and just be a part of the little community! It is very possible that he will return, secretly..., on working in Everybody Edits Universe.


Thank you for your work, capasha. You've done quite a bit in terms of moderation and were quite active and nice, from what I've seen!! And from our conversations, you're quite cordial and fun to chat with. Which is a great big positive!! Capasha also went far above and beyond and created many, many tools for Everybody Edits that were and are quite popular.
You were an awesome mod, and extremely active in-game. I greatly respect you!! All future mods have huge shoes to fill thanks to you.


Although I am a supreme noob... I quite enjoyed your worlds and campaigns! They were quite creative, and awesome! You'll be missed!!
An awesome world builder and equally awesome Everybody Edits player!


An awesome graphics designer that created quite a few assets for Everybody Edits Universe!


An awesome and fun composer, he has done plenty of work for Everybody Edits Universe, likely the most out of all of us. With ten tracks to work with, EEU is quite lucky to have had him as a composer!
NeonSynth has made a few electronic sounding tracks for Everybody Edits Universe, and all of them, despite being long, are really, really great. Length and quality together are hard qualities to combine and he managed to do so successfully.

And, lastly, thank you all staff members, past and present, for your work! You were all truly, truly, truly wonderful, and Everybody Edits would not be where it is was it not for you all!



CTO by day, Everybody Edits superstar dev by night, he will make sure to bring Everybody Edits to new heights, and help us create a game the community will be proud of!


Devle is someone who has been a very valued member of the community, and, even in the short time that I've had him work under us, he has never failed to impress me. He sums up community reactions well from all social media, assembles it for us all, and is good overall when it comes to checking everything I type!
A superstar marketing graduate, he has plenty of experience with communities and unruly behaviour. He will not only help ensure that the community is handled properly, but make sure that the game reaches new levels of popularity to revive it in this new era.


As stated before, Mutant has plenty of experience with the community and rule-making. He will be helping ensure the moderator team is in good hands, and on the same page!
Full disclosure, Minimania is one of the awesomest people I know and one of my bestest friends! Those aside, he is undeniably one of the best mods Everybody Edits has ever had. He is extremely nice and kind, and just the kind of person the team needs!!!
One of the past staff members, she has ample experience with moderating the game. She is levelheaded and quite patient, and a blast to work with!!
The owner of an epic Terraria mod called Mod of Redemption, Hallamska has ample experience with moderating communities.


mewdots has a plethora of experience with world making, both in Everybody Edits and outside of it, in games like Terraria and Starbound! She is a passionate world builder, and even with just a few minutes' practice after years of not touching it, managed to make some beautiful art in Everybody Edits!


An extremely talented composer that I have personally worked with, he has ample experience when it comes to video game music!! He has composed the music for Monster Crown, and has worked with me personally on several of our own projects!
Another composer that has a lot of talent and promise, Plat has done plenty of awesome remixes and tracks in the past. Plat, Onion, and I have been a team for nearly five years now, so we have quite the good dynamic together.

★ Satanya ★
That's me! First female Everybody Edits owner. Massive scopophobe. Um... what else? Absentminded!
With all these traits in mind, I know most of you may doubt my ability to lead the game, but trust me when I say I have many, many, many plans. And with this superstar team, we'll all make sure they come to fruition!!
It is important to take note that I will not manage every small detail of the game making aspect, which will make this job much easier on everyone involved. Tasks will be delegated, and there will be full disclosure to ensure that everyone is kept on the same page.

Thank you everyone I've mentioned, and those that chose not to be mentioned!
Let's all work together to make an awesome game!

Let's all welcome the staff team with open arms!~ Many of these names will sound unfamiliar to you, and that is because I intend on bringing in outside talent. This includes people that are very, very much capable of greatness but have not had any previous involvement with the community. There will be no such thing as "free work" under me! As a result, all future staff members will be handpicked.

Next change: the community itself. You are all awesome!! It's impossible to replace you. But I want to foster this community in a positive way with zero tolerance towards  hostility or harassment thrown at other users; make it a very welcoming place for players old and new alike to interact with one another!! So, let's begin with the first of these: Discord.

There are a lot of unofficial Everybody Edits Discord servers. The only official ones remain Patreon and Everybody Edits Universe, both of which are inaccessible to anyone that's not part of that highly limited community. We are long overdue for an official Discord server, one with its own dedicated and highly professional staff, with proper moderation!!! This Discord server is currently under construction. I will post an invite for all to see when it is time! For now, we are working on bots, perms, and channels!!

Next, the forums themselves.
Diff, Tomahawk, and BuzzerBee have done an epic job moderating it and fostering it! But the truth of the matter is that it is a bit archaic. It runs on older software, and an older format. Plus, it is about to become obsolete with the imminent death of EE (press F for me!!)
So, we will be hosting a new forum using new software and template when the time comes! A forum that is far more organised and one where we all can easily communicate with one another. A forum that will welcome new community members, and a forum where all ideas can be clearly expressed and organised!
Diff will be assisting with the creation of these new forums; as for forums staff members, this will fall entirely under him.

And next, Wiki.
The wiki will be hosted internally by us, and worked on by handpicked individuals. The Wiki should be open to all, or at least those with an account, and maintained by staff to ensure there is no vandalism or anything of the sort!! In essence, it should belong to the community, so that we can avoid bias.

And lastly, and likely most important, Everybody Edits Universe!! What will happen to it going forward? What are our plans? Who will develop them? CAN we even develop it?
Well, I can't answer some of these but I can tell you that we will develop it in an awesome way! I will go into detail in a future post, but for now, know that this game isn't forgotten and will be updated. Our long term plans for it are large, and, with a large and capable team, I'm certain we will make this work!! As for our short-term plans over the next few months, it is to let Fixel settle in and familiarise himself with the code, make some necessary structural changes, before cracking on with some of the previous team's promises, like the long awaited boosts!!!
In keeping with this whole idea of fresh starts, Everybody Edits will receive quite a few changes and upgrades! I'm certain we will make this work!! This is a much larger team, likely much larger than Everybody Edits has ever had before, with more financial backing and talent! I hope you are all as excited for this as we all are!!

tl;dr: game acquired 21st, post made 5.7 days after that, me owner, xeno not owner, ooga booga, EE plans to be announced in the future


#21 Re: Questions and Answers » Xenonetix's Final Ask Me Anything! » 2020-12-28 01:03:39

Favourite pizza topping?

I'm hungry right now!! Can you recommend me a nice snack, please?

Minimania wrote:

Chocolate in EE when?

I wanna double-ask this. Can I add chocolate blocks in Everybody Edits? // //

#22 Re: Questions and Answers » Xenonetix's Final Ask Me Anything! » 2020-12-28 01:00:58

What's your favourite colour?
Do you think pink is the best colour ever?

#23 Re: Game Business » EE Offline, EEU Opt-In, & Big Changes! » 2020-12-26 21:13:43

You'll be missed, Xeno! Thank you for everything that you did for EE!! //

I'll be writing a full post within a few days' time!! Until then, take care, everyone!!!

Rivelka wrote:

Hi Satanya! //


#24 Re: Game Discussion » What are some of your regrets while playing Everybody Edits? » 2020-12-18 05:47:28

I really regret not having joined all those contests!! My building skills are nothing to write home about, but it would have been fun!!

#25 Re: Game Business » I'll miss you! » 2020-12-15 09:25:19

I'll really miss you, Lucifer!! Thank you a lot for our wonderful chats! Don't forget to message me whenever you can!! // // // // // // // Oh and I guess you can chat with the community too sometimes // its a joke dont kill me //

Thank you for your wonderful work too!!!!

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