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Hey, so uh, I'm a basic EE player ( I was. ) since 2012 probably? Something around it and all I want to say is thank you, to the dev team, to all players that I met even for a second.
It was game where I was free with my mind, I could build something, make some music, maybe just chill and talk with friends or people from other countries, practice my english which is not best at all but better than earlier.
Now when I have my own family, job and other stuff I'm here only to say thank you beacuse this is all I can do.
Everytime I'm thinking about this game I'm getting hitted by nostalgia, with nostalgia that reminds me of me chilling late night at PC, christmas, halloween, summer, I was here all the time.
In the time where there was more player, worlds are full and you needed to spam "Join" button to talk with somebody or fighting with trolls and trusting no one was normal I was feeling good, and I feel good when I think about it.

If my kid will ask me, what's my childhood game - I will say "Everybody Edits".

Do you have any nostalgia with this game? Post it here. Probably I won't visit this post topic again so... again Thank you. You was best community I met in my life.


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and here thing that I created.


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Re: Thanks.

everyone who's life was changed by this game, just leave "THANK YOU"

. . .


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