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#1 2020-09-16 09:00:00

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Is the two-weeks gravedigging warning still relevant?

A lot has changed here since 2011 when we got dozens of new posts daily, but our gravedig warning hardly has. The forum staff may be more lax, but that scary red warning still lingers around here, spooking out anybody who dares to scroll down on a topic as inactive as two weeks, and serving as our nanny. But do we still need it?

Now we have like six posts a day, so over half of Game Discussion's first page is "dead" according to the warning which is basically the website admitting its own defeat. If I recall correctly, lots of gravedigging posts were "noobier" players who slightly cluttered up the forums by accident with questions and such, but nowadays most of us are experienced users who slightly clutter up the forums for our own amusement know what we're doing when we post on older topics, especially those that have only been inactive for a few weeks.

The conclusion? Maybe the gravedig minimum needs to increase to something like three or four weeks. Maybe the gravedigging rule could be replaced with a something else like a rule not to bump or start lots of topics at the same time. Maybe the warning text should be yellow instead of red. Or magenta. I don't know. Figure it out yourself.
I'm 2spooked now. That flashing red warning is gonna haunt my nightmares.


#2 2020-09-16 12:01:31

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Re: Is the two-weeks gravedigging warning still relevant?

I didn’t know it triggered after only 2 weeks.

Maybe a month is better. I wouldn’t remove it or make it less visible though.

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#3 2020-09-16 12:25:37

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Re: Is the two-weeks gravedigging warning still relevant?

id make it at least 6 months no less

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