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#1 2020-12-31 00:52:27

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Goodbye Everybody Edits!

I can go on to make a whole page essay about EE, but I'll make this short to save your guys' time.
I just want to really appreciate the fact that, wow, it was worth the 10 year entire experience, and it was amazing to meet new people, and even new friends!
I really want to thank everyone for playing the game, and everyone who chose to sacrifice their time, to play with others that desire to be played with throughout the span of 10 years, and yeah.
I hope satanya makes EEU a greater place eventually, and I seriously want to also thank EE and its community for being a major part of my childhood.
If it wasn't for EE, I wouldn't even be here, and I'm sure that goes for everyone, including friends, strangers, staff, non-forgettable people, and even just professional builders as well.
Typing everyone's name here will be too much effort, so I might as well say, thank you everyone for contributing towards my childhood, and I will do my best to never forget the moments I had in EE that is now stored very well inside my heart.
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#2 2020-12-31 01:02:05

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Re: Goodbye Everybody Edits!

good night sweet prince



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#3 2020-12-31 02:49:54

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Re: Goodbye Everybody Edits!

Hopefully see you on EEU, and I'll be sending you a friend request when the friend system is introduced.

goodbye ee, i'll miss you



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