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InitParse is a C library that helps initialize and parse C code. It provides convenience functions for reading and writing string literals, integers, floats, characters, etc. InitParse also provides a convenient interface to parse input from stdin into an array of tokens instead of a single token. Tokens are such objects which represent the input as an integer or a character literal or some other type that InitParse understands.

In order to use InitParse in your own projects, you need to add it to the list of libraries included at the top of your C file (usually with #include ). You can then call its init function like this: InitParser parser; .

InitParse is a function that initializes everything in C, i.e. setting up an empty structure and calling main().
InitParse(char *argv[], int argc) {
if (argc != 3) {
printf("Error: You need to pass at least 3 arguments to InitParse()

Nikita Parihar is a C# developer and Content Writer who has been working on Linux, Windows, MacOS as well as embedded systems. She likes to write about C# tutorial and share it with community.



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