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#1 2022-10-08 14:59:08

From: kongregate
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[EEOOK8 MOD WORLD] Hitbox Madness … wjyg.k8lvl
difficulty: extreme-insane(or shd1, insane demon, difficulty 9/10, whatever you called)(why there are no extreme-insane difficulty for ee?)
100% tested
when you make new world: make some new tool, use them until you ran out the idea, then make another tool
when you make new world in this mod:wtf so many tool, which one should i use first? everything is so good, so hard to pick the block i want to use, what should i do?
lucky things is i found that cannon bullet is a good hazard, and we have full block spike
why there are only small effect but no big effect
every new world need a smiley // // // //


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